Thursday, July 4, 2013

Welcome to FGBMFI Dumaguete City

His Banner over us is love!
FGBMFI Dumaguete City Philippines

Welcome all friends to the brand new website for the FGBMFI, Dumaguete City, PH Chapter!

For our International Readers, that "PH" is the Philippines!

This site was created by FGBMFI.Net, please visit there for information on how to build a website like this for your chapter of...

Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International

Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International!

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Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International

The Four E’s!


    • Reach men in nations for Jesus Christ and to call men back to God.

    • Help believers to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and to grow spiritually.
  3. EQUIP

    • Train and disciple men to fulfill the Great Commission.

    • Provide an opportunity for Christian Fellowship and bring a greater unity among all people in the body of Christ.
FGBMFI Dumaguete City Philippines


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